Leather Book Personalization

We offer 3 different ways to personalize our leather books. We could do name embossing, laser engraving or logo embossing. Use our very cool online Customizer to Create your own Designs! Do Note: Embossing and Engraving looks better on Light Brown Leather compared to Dark Brown Leather because it stands out better. Please see more detail on each option below:

Name Embossing

Name Embossed on a Leather Book Front Cover

Make one of our books your own by getting your name or short message punched into the leather.

We use a special embossing press and a small letterset to cold stamp your name into our leather book covers the traditional way.

Small and Discreet.
Maximum of 16 Letters.
Our Letterset is only available in the Arial Font.
All Capital Letters.
5mm Letter Height.
No Numbers.

Rate: R150 per Name/Surname/Short Message

Lead Time: 3 days + 2-3 days courier (if required)

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving Sample on a Leather Book Front Cover

Laser engraving is a cost effective way to get your design etched into leather for smaller quantities.

Beautiful results are possible, however, engraving on leather is a bit different when compared to other surfaces. Complicated designs don’t aways show great results. Simplify it for better results, taking care not to use text or detailed objects that are too small.

Rate: R295 per engraving.

Lead Time: 5 days + 2-3 days courier (if required)

We require your logo as a Vector File. You may also use our free online Customizer to design your front cover.

Heat Embossing

Hot stamping, or blind embossing of logos is a bit more complicated, but amazing results are possible. Due to high setup costs, this is the perfect solution for larger orders. For small or time sensitive orders, rather select Laser Engraving.

With this process, bronze embossing blocks of your design are first cut with a cnc machine. The logo then gets burnt into the leather along with pressure to ensure a very pleasing, smooth and detailed finish.

Rate: One-Time Setup Fee of R1500 – R2000 and R20 per book embossing.

Lead Time: 3 weeks + 2-3 days Courier (if required)

We require your logo as a Vector File. You may also use our free online Customizer to design your front cover.

Design the front cover of your book yourself with our easy-to-use Online Customiser

All of our products can be customized using our online designer. Add Text, Borders or Clipart, and design your book exactly the way you want to. When you are done, your design is sent to us in the correct vector format. Easy to use and lots of fun!

Please view our Tutorial Video below for more instructions

Why do we require your custom design in a Vector format?

CNC machines and Laser engraving machines require a Vector file format to work. The lines are drawn mathematically, meaning edges stays infinitely sharp. Vector files are created with software like Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or CorelDraw (.cdr) or .svg.

Normal images, like .jpg or .png can’t be read by our machines because they are Raster images, or pixel based images. Unlike vector images that stays sharp, raster images becomes blurry and pixelated when zoomed.

Difference between raster and vector for laser engraving onto leather

Your files needs to be saved as .ai .svg .cdr .pdf vector. Please convert all you text and objects to Curves before export, or alternatively include the font files.

If you are not able to provide us with the files in this format, we have to recreate the logo for you at a cost of R380.

Go ahead, try our Online Customizer for yourself! Pick a book to continue

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